Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 11

Soo... Anyone miss me? Hahaha, no truthfully Friday I didnt post because after watching all the tragedies going on all day all I wanted to do that night was lay down and cuddle with my kids. Who wants to read someone's whining when there are waayyy worse things in the world?!?

So today was weigh in day and I made the mistake of stepping on the scales midday instead of first thing in the morning. And....dum dum dumdum..312, two pounds up. Which I know weight can fluctuate throughout the day but I'm thinking at the very least it means I didn't lose anything. So I am trying to think back about what I might have done wrong and I am really not sure. I do know that all my hormones are not "put back together as they should be" as im not quite six weeks post partum. Maybe it has something to do with that.

So anyone watch Ruby last night?? What do you think her secret is?? Do you think it's true that all overweight people are as such because they are trying to hide their secret? Ps, heard a rumor someone is disqualified on BL, anyone have any guesses??


  1. I would so love to watch Ruby! Our cable doesn't carry the Style network though. I hadn't heard that rumor about BL...hmm, I wonder.

    I didn't weigh in over the weekend. I was feeling too low.

    You're doing a great job. It's hard when the scaled doesn't reflect how much hard work you've done. It just may be the time of day you weighed yourself too.

  2. Kelly, have you ever heard of They have a bunch of full length shows on there and ruby might be one of them. I would reccommemd starting with season 1 though or it mIght be hard to follow.
    And girl, you should've weighed in! You might have had a nice surprise!

  3. Oh yeah, I never even thought of checking out hulu! I will have to look into it! Thanks. Yeah, I should've weighed in, but this week is a new week!

  4. i lost 3 but NEVER weigh if you've eaten/drank anything. i weigh right after i pee in the mornin. just don't get discouraged stay focused and on track. do you keep a food journal? it's amazing how quickly the calories add up, it can sneak up quickly. but if you've got a record you can find out where you goofed. whatever happens you DESERVE to be happy and have everything you want, so just have faith it WILL happen!