Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 6

Sooo, some very stressful stuff going on right now and there is nothing that can be done to fix it. This next week to maybe the next couple of months will be a true test to see how I can handle my eating. When I first have something hit me that I consider bad news or uber stressful, I am initially sick at my stomach and then after I have had a few hours to start sorting things out I begin to eat everything in site, especially sweets. So today at lunch is when I first started encountering the situation and I could not eat the chicken salad I had. So I saved the chicken off of it as the rest does not save well in my opinion, and I had it for a snack a few hours later. All in all i think I did ok today on the eating. I had a rest day today as far as exercise first in seven days so I am ok with that.
Any of you out there single parents of YOUNG children, like young enough they still depend on you for all their needs? I know I am married but for the most part I feel like a single parent for various reasons and I am having some real difficulty getting a weekday routine in that includes exercise. Right now I can exercise because I am still on maternity leave but there's only another week left of it.

So how is everyone else's journies going? Keep me posted, hopefully I can be at the computer to read some blogs tomorrow.

Until tomorrow... 8)


  1. sorry the world is gettin in the way hon but just stick to it, remember you're doin this for you AND your kids. you deserve to be happy and healthy and they deserve to have a mom who'll be around to see them grow up and raise kids of their own. that's the big picture. i KNOW it doesn't help with todays stress but it will pass! just don't keep junk in the house (kids don't need it either) breath deep and think positive happy thoughts! you'll do it one day/pound at a time!

  2. I think once you are back at work and into a routine, it might come a little easier to you. The first few months after giving birth are SO HARD to begin with, let alone trying to diet on top of all of that. And then you mentioned you are doing most of the caretaking for your children?? Give yourself more credit!! You are a super Mom!
    As for the exercise, don't try to do it 7 days a week! You'll burn yourself out too quickly. Shoot for 3-5.

  3. My kids aren't super young (age 9 and 4), but I do know what you mean. The moment I unfold the treadmill they either begin to fight or they want something. I'm not a single parent either, but I sure as heck feel like one sometimes. I do EVERYTHING for the kids. I can't even imagine trying this with an infant which is why I think you're awesome! You're doing a great job!