Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 13

Yesterday was yuck yuck yuck. For some reason I decided to eat everything in sight. I also decided to start a food journal and for some reason that made me want to eat more! It was crazy!!! Anyway, I did do much better with eating today.
My mom also took me shopping for some new clothes today and that was awful! I mean really, at this weight what is the point?!? The only shopping I do these days is for the kids. Their clothes are a lot cheaper anyway lol.
I had announced Monday I was starting the couch to 5k program that day but it has been put off to next Monday because I possibly have someone interested in doing it with me, so we will see. Zumba is still coming along though diligently at least 5 night/ week. I'm thinking about weighing in the morning because hopefully I will have lost some and it will cheer me up.

1 comment:

  1. keep up with the journal hon it does help! you're gonna have those upo and down days just stay focused. try to set small easily achieved goals as well as long term ones. that'll help you "feel" like you're making progress. sometimes the big picture just gets out of focus! lol